June 12, 2024

As mentioned earlier, all transactions made with cryptocurrencies are public. Therefore, a skilled user can track the funds back to the original owner if not adequately anonymized. So rather than the transactions being visible on the blockchain, only the bitcoin mixer service knows in which the bitcoins originated from where they went. Using a Bitcoin Tumbler helps protect from government surveillance by allowing users to obscure the origins of their transactions.

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However, by using a coin mixer, funds can be mixed, making it more difficult for attackers to trace the funds back to their original source. Additionally, coin mixers can provide an added layer of protection against hacking and theft, as coin mixers make it difficult for attackers to determine the source of a particular cryptocurrency wallet.

Deposit funds to the mixer

Before we proceed, it is vital to understand that Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies are not anonymous but “pseudonymous.” What does this mean? It means that the identity of the person using Bitcoin hides behind a pseudonym, but someone may see through it. It is important to note that while Bitcoin tumblers are effective, you must always make sure to use a trusted service. There is no one to complain to if the tumbler runs off with your coins.

As it stands now, regular bank accounts provide us a high level of personal privacy from our friends and family. It is exceedingly difficult to find out how much money someone has in their bank account even if you know a lot of identifying information about that person. That said, Taproot’s activation sets the groundwork in order for cross-input aggregation (CISA) in the future, which would allow for improved privacy and efficiency of CoinJoin transactions. Digital signatures are the critical piece that allows CoinJoins to work. If CISA makes it into the Bitcoin protocol, the many signatures needed in a CoinJoin transaction could be combined and aggregated into one, which could boost scalability and make the process cheaper. In reality, being a distributed, public ledger makes the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains overly transparent. The problem with a Bitcoin Laundry is that you have to trust them not to steal your bitcoins.

How Do Bitcoin Mixers Work?

Over several rounds of tumbling, Bitcoin becomes more challenging to trace, increasing privacy and anonymity levels. While it’s certainly not a good look, it demonstrates that using these services does still come with a small risk even if you’re not doing anything wrong. For example, if User A and B each send 2 BTC to the mixer, and person C sends 0.5 BTC, the coins from person C are mixed with the coins from person A and B. Person C then receives a small part of the BTC from person A and B back. This means it is no longer possible to trace which person was the actual owner of the coins that person C received. You transfer your currency to a Cryptomixer-provided address, wait for it to reach its target, and then withdraw it back into your wallet.

However, in general, Bitcoin mixers or tumblers are not illegal as they simply provide a service that allows users to anonymize their Bitcoin transactions. Using a bitcoin tumbler can protect you against hackers in several ways. Firstly, it can help prevent hackers from discovering your bitcoin wallet address. If a hacker gains access to your wallet address, they can track your transactions and potentially steal your coins. However, by using a bitcoin tumbler, your transactions are mixed with those of other users, making it difficult for hackers to trace the source of the coins back to your wallet.

An online tumbler is a type of service that, in essence, ‘mixes’ or ‘shuffles’ coins – usually cryptocurrency like Bitcoin – to obscure their origin. It works by sending coins to a third party who then sends them back to the user at a different address. We recommend against using conjoined mixing services offered by your wallet or exchange, such as Blockchain.info’s shared send. You have a surplus of third-party tumblers to choose from when mixing bitcoin, but performing due diligence is always necessary. We chose to use CoinMixer in this tutorial because it doesn’t require registration, has a good reputation, is simple to use, operates as a Tor Hidden service, and processes transactions quickly.

Whirlpool is also available to determine connections utilized by blockchain forensics in a bid to interlink on-chain transfers. Read more about Best bitcoin mixer here. Bitcoin mixers are perfectly designed to trail the owner of the bitcoin while also revealing who sent and who received it. Some might try to share information with the rest of the pack but it’s risky because you are also sharing your personal details. It’s jeopardy to privacy and, at times, you are not able to receive your return payment. As we have mentioned above, centralized mixers are perfect for privacy.

It is a tool that allows users to mix their cryptocurrency funds with those of other users to obscure the source and destination of the funds. Understanding how bitcoin transactions are done is a Gordian knot for most folks to unfold. Then doubling that by grasping how bitcoin mixers work could seem impossibly difficult.

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