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Making subtle tweaks inevitably costs less, but this approach has a more limited scope. Plan on spending one to two hours to discuss all of the details with the designer. All of the decision makers should be present at the meeting, as well, so schedule accordingly. Knowing how much you want to spend beforehand will also help when choosing materials, the project’s size and if you want to do it in phases.

Newer designers just starting out aren’t necessarily worse than old pros, but their rates tend to be lower. Another aspect of landscape design is element restrictions. Element restrictions identify the type of plants, trees, shrubs, soil, turf and grass that should be used in a specific locale.

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By charging hourly, you guarantee you’ll be paid for all of the time you work. One of the biggest mistakes a designer can make is not charging for their services at all. For instance, if you want to include a veg patch, this will require general upkeep throughout the seasons. While if you’d like to include a beautiful rose garden, you’ll need to ensure that you’re happy to prune them when needed.

Years of successful projects and an impressive portfolio can take hourly fees up to $200. The average landscape design pricing ranges from $2,200 to $6,180. Landscapers charge more for residential projects that are difficult or very complex. For example, you’ll pay more for a design with a terraced garden on a steep slope. But, it will cost less to do something small like design a butterfly garden or install a water fountain in a flat yard.

How Can You Achieve the Perfect Front Yard Landscaping?

Without a plan, you could blow your budget or end up with a design that turns into an installation nightmare. You will need to pay more for a highly skilled designer or a reputable design firm with many successes.

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After all this technical talk, isn’t it time for a little fun? Read on to learn about the exciting features of urban landscape design.

Landscape Designer Fees at a Flat Rate

How do you get your company’s brand in front
of your consumers and how to actually make the sale. You’d be surprised at how
often businesses fail to properly market themselves and then believe that there
is just no interest in that area for landscape work. In this lesson we will try
and review all the traps and pitfalls of marketing so that you have a good
stable plan for getting the word out about your company. It can be very difficult to start your own business in the
green industry, especially when first starting. It may seem like all you might
need is some basic design skills, the ability to buy materials, and a few
clients to start your firm, but you will quickly realize that it is much more
complex. Most of our basic landscape installs take only 1-2 weeks to complete after breaking ground. More precise work and labor-intensive installs like outdoor kitchens, grade changes, leveling, compacting and large hardscapes may take 2-3 weeks.

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