February 29, 2024

To fulfill the urgency and digital requirements of customers, this business adaptation includes the development of online customer touch points such as websites and social media business profiles. Doing so empowers businesses to reflect their ability to tackle and resist several business complexities, most importantly, the ones created digitally. There are many factors that determine the pricing structure for renting portable restrooms—which can include location, availability, length of rental, permits and maintenance fees. Every rental company is different, but here’s a general overview of what to expect.

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Find the right rental for your job site or occasion by exploring available options and prices. But if the job is particularly messy, a construction hand wash station allows your team to really clean up.

You are going to need a crew of people to run a portable toilet business. As the business owner, you will manage the daily activities of the business. Responsibilities include moving portable toilets from storage to the site location. The portable toilets must be carefully mounted, cleaned, and stocked properly for their next use. In addition to cleaning, the portable toilets need to be properly pumped.

If you choose to rent a fewer amount of porta potties, then you will have to have them serviced more frequently too. If you don’t want to have them serviced multiple times a week, then rent additional units. At Westway Site Services, formerly Moore Cans, our flushing portable toilets are a hands-free design that promotes a healthier bathroom experience. When a foot-flush takes place, pressure is generated which circulates the water and/or chemicals that are always ready to allow the flush to proceed. The flushed material travels through a pipe and is transported to the toilet pan. At Freedom Waste Services, we stand out from the crowd when it comes to porta potty rentals.

Get Quotes from Multiple Providers

This isn’t always a bad thing, but they aren’t always working in your or your business’s best interest. You can use a business broker to discover where to buy a portable toilet business and expand a business through acquisition, but you need to know how much you want to spend. You also need to know the minimum current value or revenue of a business. Not only does a porta potty allow for a more comfortable and secure setting for attendees, but it also makes a good impression on clients. At a Royal Flush, we take pride in maintaining the units’ hygienic state and providing all the necessary supplies. This service ensures that your clients are confident in your company, and you’ll be able to make the right impression with your guests.

How to Use a Porta Potty Rental During Home Renovations

A porta potty rental steps in as your unsung hero in this complex dance of home renovation. By having a dedicated bathroom outside, you limit indoor foot traffic, keeping your home cleaner and more organized. A porta potty is built to handle a set amount of use between service intervals. If your event has more attendees than expected, or if it’s used more frequently, it might reach its capacity before the rental period ends.

While some companies might offer free delivery within a specific radius, charges might apply if your site is further away. It’s not just about the but also the time, manpower, and logistics that go into ensuring timely and safe delivery and setup.

Do not forget about hand-washing stations or portable sinks when determining your budget for porta potty rental. If you opt for a luxury restroom trailer, they do include sinks with running water. While hand sanitizer stations are included in all, many people much prefer to wash their hands to maintain hygiene and health. Freestanding hand-washing stations are suitable for places without running water hookup. Portable toilets are rented to provide conveniences during outdoor events such as weddings, parties, family reunions, church benefits, sports, association fund-raisers etc. The average starting price for portable toilet rentals typically ranges from $60 to $100. Pricing can vary based on factors such as rental duration, with potential discounts for longer periods or consistent customers, such as contracting businesses.

Charging the Unit

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep the porta potties in hygienic condition especially for longer rental durations. Even if you find the best location for porta-potties, you may experience long lines as employees wait to use the restroom on large projects. When many people are waiting for the bathroom, it reduces the total number of people actively working. Prolonged breaks can quickly push back a project’s schedule when they start to add up. Positioning restrooms in secure areas has the added benefit of deterring vandals from spraying graffiti on units, destroying equipment, or tipping it over. Graffiti is an eyesore, and you might be held liable for any damage to the unit.

Organizing an outdoor event without having easily accessible toilets will lead to disaster. Make sure you think about this when making your plans so that you don’t run into any problems during your event. We are a service driven company providing site support for construction and special events including festivals and sporting events. Read more about Events here. This will depend on the size of your job site and the number of workers you have. Once you have a rough estimate, you can start shopping around for rental companies.

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