February 26, 2024

Martinez says she’s also seeing healthcare clients considering more vibrant options than in the past. “Color and pattern are being used more strategically for visual relief, impact, and wayfinding, and they can help set the mood of the space, from quiet and reflective to joyful and energetic,” she says. These furnishings also place patients and clinicians at eye level, which puts patients at ease and fosters communication. The lobby at White Plains Hospital features areas with comfortable lounge seating options in a light-filled environment. High-backed seating in the lobby at White Plains Hospital Cancer Center in White Plains, N.Y., designed by Perkins Eastman, delivers visual and acoustical privacy for visitors and patients. One thing most people don’t consider when it comes to workplace comfort is the accessibility of important files, papers and workplace peripherals, such as printers. Think about all of the times during the day you need to drop to a knee to access documents in a bottom filing cabinet or reach over to grab a spreadsheet from the printer.

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Proper ergonomics play a substantial role in supporting workplace comfort and helping to minimize unnecessary strain on the body. As such, the office furniture you select should consider ergonomics in the design to better support workplace productivity.

Not only that but in a separate study, 47% of people with height adjustable desks reported a significant reduction in upper back, shoulder, and neck discomfort. Occurrences such as these can be avoided by choosing furniture that is fully adjustable to adapt to employee’s different needs so that they can sit comfortably. Having an ergonomic task chair is not only good for physical wellbeing but also has positive psychological effects as well. If employees are uncomfortable at their desks, they will feel more reluctant to spend long periods of time at them. This means they will be a lot less productive than they would be if they had an ergonomic, fully adjustable seat. A study of 146 NHS staff published in the British Medical Journal supports this and showed that sit-stand desks had a positive effect on mental wellbeing at work.

The Impact of Colour in Interior Design

You’ll be surprised to see all the different positions and variations you come up with—never mind your kids. You’ll be exercising all day long while just living your life, as opposed to 20 minutes a day in a gym, which does more harm than good.

How to Keep Your Wood Furniture Clean Longer

Natural light boosts the mood, improves focus, and regulates our sleep-wake cycles. A comfortable and well-designed workstation reduces distractions, allowing employees to focus better on their tasks. Ergonomic chairs and well-organized desks make it easier for employees to concentrate.

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