February 26, 2024

You’ll also need to determine accurate measurements of whatever it is that you’re building. The specific actions you’ll take at this stage will depend on how you’re implementing the construction takeoff. If you’re doing things the old-fashioned way, then you’ll have to perform counts manually. If you’re doing a manual takeoff, then you’ll need the physical copies of these documents so you can review them by hand. If you’re using a digital construction takeoff solution, you can request scanned copies which you can then upload into the software. In many cases, estimators refer to the project plans, models, and documents, then begin creating the list of materials from there. The following is a mini-glossary of construction planning terms that have been used in this guide.

Bare in mind, just as subs get a certain reputation for being good or bad, you don’t want to be known around town as the person that never pays his/her subs. If you’re looking to make more money on your construction projects, Buildertrend has you covered. One of the advantages of the CM model is the option to phase design deliverables early in the engagement. Paschen is able to fast-track bidding for portions of the project while working with the architect to finalize other elements of the design. This allows us to shift the schedule of long-lead items to align with expedited schedules. For example, we may start building a foundation while developing plans for later-stage elements, like mechanical systems.

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General contractors when using their construction management software have to link project tasks based on their predecessors and successors. Let’s say in roofing, underpayment installation precedes laying the shingles as underlayment should be applied before shingles are in place. While gutters and downspouts are installed only after the roofing is complete to ensure proper drainage and roof protection. The reality is there is likely a million residential construction contractors in your area to choose from.

Considerations for Hiring the Right Commercial Contractor

“It does not create an independent right for a subcontractor to demand owner verification of a project’s financing,” Cahill said. Cloud-based solutions like Autodesk Takeoff can be the game-changer in keeping team members on the same page and ensuring that everyone can view and access updated information at any given time. In addition to improving the visualization of the project to identify any gaps, it further streamlines the takeoff process so teams can devote more energy and resources to higher-level responsibilities. Deliver faster, collaborate better, innovate more effectively — without the high prices and 
months-long implementation and extensive training required by other products. After you’ve come up with answers to those, you’ll have to create the following documents for your construction plan. To speak with a heavy construction expert who can guide you on your data management and technology journey, contact us.

Contractors know that prompt payment of their pay applications is critical to a construction project’s success. High-demand specialty contractors, for example, choose to work on projects that pay on time and avoid ones that don’t. Accurate construction takeoffs and quantification lead to more profitable projects. Precise information about materials and costs enables general contractors and subcontractors to allocate resources effectively and produce more competitive bids. The same year, in an attempt to evaluate the competitive bidding process based on local hiring requirements, then-President Barack Obama initiated a pilot program in the U.S. That program would allow state and federal governments to include local hiring requirements in their contracts on certain projects. Construction tendering is a process wherein businesses invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a certain amount of time.

Successfully Navigating Public-Private Partnerships in Construction

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A big, established general contractor company can charge an even greater difference of 25% of a project’s costs. Many contractors use this method when they first get started, then eventually move to estimating by unit price. For others, however, the reliability of estimating by the stick fits best with their business processes and calculations. First of all, contractors must cover significant upfront costs for materials and permissions that are likely to strain their finances.

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