February 29, 2024

Read more about kitchen tap with pull out hose here. The sink and faucet area is one of the most-used in any kitchen, and are often treated as a design focal point for the room. Upgrading your kitchen faucet is an easy and economical way to give your space a quick design refresh, or complement a whole kitchen transformation.

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You need to decide whether you want a two-handle or a single lever configuration, when choosing a faucet. Two-handled faucets generally have a more traditional look and provide one handle for each of the hot and cold water. First, figure out what kind of faucet you need—your choices will be limited by the number of mounting holes present around your sink. In most instances, there will be one hole (for a single-handle faucet) or three holes (for a dual-handle faucet). When buying a house, one of the biggest factors in the decision process is the appeal and functionality of the kitchen. We tend to be very busy in the kitchen, more so than in other rooms. Our cooking space is often a showpiece, which needs the “right” accessory.

How to install a kitchen faucet

But you have to be careful not to break the unit which can lead to water gushing and flooding your kitchen. To avoid such incidents, shut down the main water supply line. Once you’ve turned off the water, make sure you turn on your faucet to remove any water trapped there. If you don’t do this, you could cause damage to stuff or hurt yourself. Now that our old faucet was removed we checked the new faucet connections for compatibility with our existing water supply lines. Discover the step-by-step process of installing a single-handle kitchen faucet with sprayer to upgrade your kitchen’s functionality and appearance. Side sprayers are usually offered with the types of kitchen faucets that do not have long hoses.

How to Replace a Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet Video

For a kitchen faucet, there are a certain number of features that you should take notice of. For starters, you want to know whether or not you want your faucet to be on a swivel. This is an important feature that you should not overlook because of just how important it is.

Alternately, use locking pliers to grab the valve and gently coax it to the Off position. However, excess twisting pressure could break the valve and/or the supply line. With the water supply off, a break won’t cause water to shoot out and flood the floor or cabinet. Rotate the hot and cold-water valve knobs (Figure 3) clockwise to turn the water off. Once you’ve removed the old faucet, you’ll probably notice a bunch of gunk built up where the faucet was fastened.

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