February 25, 2024

Using products with harsh chemicals can not only damage your extensions but also your natural hair. Just as you hydrate and moisturize your skin, your hair also needs some TLC to keep 4eit hydrated and looking full of life.

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When fitted correctly, nano ring hair extensions should be invisible. Tape in  LaaVoo hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, healthy, soft, shine, and manageable. Can Be Curled, Straightened, Tongued & Washed, But Do Not Use High Temperature…. If you are wearing clip in hair extensions, the best way to keep them secure in place is to backcomb your hair. Once all the wefts are clipped in, blend your natural hair with the extensions by gently brushing or combing them together.

Tips for Maintaining and Styling Hair Extensions

This is the easiest way to get a really good blend and it’s something you can do with all lengths to really merge them into your own hair. You basically want to straighten each weft together with your hair after you clip in every section.

Other Important Things to Know About Hair Extensions

If you’re using human hair or heat-friendly synthetic extensions, styling your hair with a straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer can help create a more polished look. Read more about hair tinsel here. To make sure your hair extensions stay beautiful, avoid using heat when you can and allow your extentions to air dry. Gently remove any tangles from the wet extensions with a wide tooth comb, lay them out flat on a clean towel, and allow them to dry naturally.

What Are Hair Extensions?

If you wash your hair more, you’ll risk drying out your hair extensions. When your extensions are drier they can break easier, which can lead to more shedding and require you to replace your extensions more often. This is why I recommend just twice a week for washing your hair. There is not necessarily one “best” type of extension for working out, since everyone is different and takes care of their hair differently. So if you’re not willing to wash out the sweat and dry your extensions after each workout, you may want to reconsider the more permanent hair extensions. If you are considering hair extensions, your first step should be to book a consultation with a stylist. During this meeting you can discuss what you want your hair to look like, and your lifestyle and the stylist can assess your hair, which is an important first step.

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