February 25, 2024

Solutions will offer more flexibility and autonomy for employees to set their own availability and swap or pick up shifts. Mobile apps will make it easy for employees to check schedules, request time off, and receive shift alerts on the go.

Any good business finds the delicate balance of keeping employees happy and productive while looking out for their bottom line. With the ever-increasing list of demands on managers and owners, that’s not always a simple task. Creating and filling an employee schedule takes complex planning and hours out of a manager’s week. The employees should be able to track their time on an hourly basis, similarly to Hubstaff developers can integrate ready time-tracking features instead of developing custom tools from scratch.

Shift scheduling software that provides shift swapping capability allows employees to post and accept open shifts in real-time. This “self-service” approach has a real advantage for many schedulers because it streamlines the scheduling process, allowing them to focus on other critical areas such as team training. Reviewing data from past scheduling periods can help you anticipate needs and schedule employees fairly. Using historical trends to make projections about your staffing needs will aid in planning for both the busier — and slower — times throughout the year. The very first thing you consider when looking for the best employee scheduling software for your organization is your unique business needs. Think about the common scheduling issues you find yourself dealing with regularly, and think about the solutions to those problems. Do you need your employees to have access to their schedule via an app or portal?

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Your own needs will help drive the types of schedules you create for your employees. This type of schedule is beneficial for businesses with peak and low times. For example, a restaurant may employ workers during lunch and then close for a few hours before the dinner rush.

Set a labor budget

Having this information in advance also means avoiding two major pitfalls. Too many employees on duty when you’re not busy affects the bottom line. Workforce.com’s workforce analytics software can simplify the process, allowing you to schedule shifts profitably and to react quickly to changing operational needs. All these time reports and numeric data should be safely stored in the Cloud storage, where it can be shared with a desktop or mobile device anytime and anywhere. So even an employee who’s not in the office can track schedules with a smartphone. Traditional 9-to-5 workflow models are becoming outdated, as the increasing number of employees choose to move towards a flexible schedule.

Tell them when you’re scheduling extra staff because of an expected spike in sales — for the holidays, for instance — or when you’re cutting back because you know sales are going to dip. Check historical sales data in your POS system to make sure you’re adequately staffed during your busiest and quietest times. Use this information to think about whether you’ll need more staff for weekends, late evenings, or the holiday period.

Establish buffer time between appointments

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While establishing solid employee schedules is the first step, you’ll also want to examine individual staff schedules to get everyone on the same page. An app like Motion does the work for you, optimizing your schedule based on your priorities and deadlines. Employing a modern scheduling tool provides you and your employees with significant benefits.

You can even build schedule templates to make things even easier for you each scheduling period. Millions of companies use Square to take payments, manage staff, and conduct business in-store and online. That way, a business can benefit from advances in technology while also taking real-world, human considerations into account. The human aspect improves the technology and minimizes scheduling conflicts. We recommend a combination of scheduling algorithms and employee input for filling schedules.

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