April 15, 2024

For maximum cool factor and an excellent clean search for your leisure heart, mounting your flat-panel TV is the way to go. With both the wall bracket and TV mounting plate securely in place, all that is left is to connect the 2. Because studs run every sixteen inches, your TV mount should observe these 16-inch increments, but multiple holes in the TV mounting plates help you achieve more horizontal flexibility. Since you haven’t mounted the tv simply but, it’s easy to make any needed modifications.

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Using a drill, you will must drill pilot holes by way of the drywall and into the studs within the proper positions. From the prep work to the precise set up, this is tips on how to wall mount a TV, step-by-step. Though every wall has wood studs behind the drywall, generally it is not attainable to place the TV exactly on studs.

How to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV: The Definitive Guide

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How do you mount a TV on the wall without wires showing?

Lift from the bottom of the set, supporting it on the aspect or high corners to maintain the TV upright, in the same place it would be in normal use. This is the ideal position for the TV, as a end result of the chassis bears all of the weight and pressure. Try to not lean somehow, as a result of the thinnest TVs can really bend beneath their very own weight enough to break the display.

Mount the TV to the Wall

Chances are, this is your most burning mounting question—and for good cause. While some surfaces are sturdy sufficient to carry your tv, others will get critically damaged if you try to hold anything. So, how can you tell whether or not or not your partitions are built for the task? It’s essential to think about the scale of the TV and the viewing distance when deciding on the peak to mount the TV.

A TV mount has two parts – brackets which may be hooked up to the back of your TV and the mounts that attach your TV to the wall. Please take out the bracket first from the box and repair it on the again of your TV. Over Tighten the screw while attaching brackets can harm your TV. So, handle this thing delicately without compromising the safety. If you would possibly be mounting a tv to a brick wall, Trunking will be your solely affordable option, because of the solid nature of the wall.

You can hide the wires inside and then snap the quilt over them. Paint it the same shade as the wall and it’ll blend into the background even more. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on tips on how to connect the brackets to the television. Typically, you’ll need to locate the holes on the back of the TV and then line them up with the brackets, securing them tightly with screws.

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