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Although it’s the proper salinity, this solution isn’t suitable for contact lenses. Commercial contact lens solution contains buffers that help protect your eyes and agents to help keep the liquid sterile. Although homemade sterile saline could work to rinse lenses in a pinch, it isn’t a viable option unless you are familiar with aseptic techniques and use lab-grade chemicals. It’s important to avoid contaminating the liquid, so ideally make just as much solution as you need at a time, allow it to cool, and discard leftover liquid.

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” However, the truth is that what really matters is how an IV makes you feel. Saline works by helping your body transport nutrients throughout your body, removing waste from your body, and supporting healthy cell function and metabolism. Even after IV fluids leave your body, the benefits of the therapy itself can continue for much longer. Certain foods, beverages, and medicines act as diuretics, which increase the amount of water your body excretes. If you’ve ever noticed that you have to pee a lot after drinking coffee or tea, it’s because one of the most common diuretics is caffeine.

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Saline solution is a saltwater mixture that can easily be made at home. The saline solution can be used to irrigate the nasal passages and sinuses to help wash away mucus, bacteria, and viruses. Like handwashing, nasal “washing” helps reduce the amount of the virus, bacteria, allergens, etc that theimmune system has to fight. It also helps keep the nose moisturized and reduces common symptoms of colds, sinus infections, and allergies, such as postnasal drip, runny nose, and nasal congestion. From Miami to LA, Americans are discovering the incredible advantages of mobile IV hydration therapy. This common, low-risk procedure uses the same method employed by doctors, nurses, and paramedics to rehydrate, refresh, and restore the body. IV therapy allows rapid absorption of vital fluids and nutrients for everything from a hangover treatment to a workout boost.

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We, at NPCS, endeavor to make business selection a simple and convenient step for any entrepreneur/startup. Our expert team, by capitalizing on its dexterity and decade’s long experience in the field, has created a list of profitable ventures for entrepreneurs who wish to diversify or venture. The list so mentioned is updated regularly to give you a regular dose of new emerging opportunities. According to a report published in 2021, the Indian Normal Saline market was valued at INR 6.8 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2021 to 2026. Age, physical fitness, gender, and hormone functions are all factors that can affect an individual’s metabolic rate. In these situations, IV therapy can be extremely helpful in quickly rehydrating you even when you aren’t able to keep much water in your system. This natural remedy can be used with a bulb syringe, a Neti pot, a plastic squirt bottle, or your cupped hands.


Interestingly, the volume of fluid used varied among the trials, with less than 500 mL in 12.7% of cases, 500 mL in 79.4%, and more than 500 mL in 7.9% of reports. While these findings indicate a higher probability of hemodynamic improvement with rapid infusion rates, the impact on patient-centered outcomes remains uncertain [2]. There are commercially prepared Normal saline solution available in the market but it can easily be prepared manually in the laboratory whenever required. Backflow occurs when pressure from the infusion needle is sufficiently large to dislodge part of the tissue from the needle surface, thus creating a tiny gap between the tissue and the needle. This gap becomes the path of least resistance that causes saline to flow along the needle towards the tissue surface instead of spreading into the tissue [10], [11]. The occurrence of backflow during saline infusion has been reported in several experimental studies. Goldberg et al. [3] observed backflow when the volume of saline infused into liver was 15 ml and larger.

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