February 29, 2024

Gotham Plastic Surgery’s proprietary procedure, BodyBanking®, is an innovative body contouring tool that removes fat and defines muscles for a sculpted, natural-looking body. Gotham Plastic Surgery is an innovative, confidential, and accredited facility led by board-certified plastic surgeon Philip Miller, MD, FACS. Dr. Miller offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures in Manhattan, including liposuction and other body contouring solutions. Suction refers to the process of administering negative pressure through hollow bore cannulas that are literally used to rip the fat out of the deeper fat layer.

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Using your own bodily material comes with certain advantages, like a more natural appearance and no chance of rejection. Unfortunately, it can also mean that the extent of improvement is reduced when compared to implants.

Maintain a Healthy Weight Before Surgery

Traditional liposuction comes with many side effects, such as pain, discomfort, bruising and swelling. The downtime could also disrupt your regular schedule longer than you’d like or can manage. At Synergy Wellness Center, we offer alternative liposuction and body shaping treatments to help you improve your appearance without the adverse effects of traditional liposuction. The compression garment you’ll be wearing may also make you feel more constricted than usual and could contribute to additional discomfort.

Dr. Sepideh Saber, MD, FACS

The answer is no; liquid lipo lowers the size of fat cells within the skin by microencapsulating the subcutaneous tissue and opening the cell’s pores. When the pores are opened, the fat transforms into liquid and is further squeezed. Due to the fact that fat cells naturally grow as you consume food, the results are long-lasting. If you don’t gain a significant amount of weight, the results of this operation are permanent. Since soft lipo is done with water, it has no risk of thermal burn or injury to internal organs. Despite being rare, few people may face the following risks and side effects after this cosmetic procedure. Some patients feel mild soreness after EmSculpt, similar to what you would feel after an intense workout, but you can resume regular activities right away.

What Areas Can Liposuction Treat?

Exercising regularly after liposuction is essential for achieving the best results. While your body is healing, it’s important to start with low-impact activities such as walking or swimming and then gradually increase intensity when your doctor gives you the green light. Weight lifting can also help to reduce fat in target areas and improve muscle tone, but should be done with caution – avoid heavy lifting during the first few days after surgery. Remember to keep track of your progress on a daily basis so that you can adjust your exercise routine accordingly. The amount of fat to be removed is another factor that matters in determining the treatment duration. Not all surgeons use the same technique to perform the treatment and the duration varies with the energy used such as whether it is laser liposuction or ultrasound. Similarly, the type of anesthesia used can also have an overall impact.

Read more about fettabsaugung türkei here. From understanding the procedure to knowing what to expect during recovery, you’re now equipped to make well-informed decisions. Again, in the hands of a skilled, Board-certified plastic surgeon, the risks above are greatly minimized. Liposuction isn’t for everyone and it is definitely not meant to be a weight-loss solution. In fact, ideal candidates should be within 30 percent of their ideal weight.

Comparatively, recovery from surgical liposuction takes way more time than laser treatment. If you have loose and sagging skin in addition to fat accumulations or if skin laxity is a likely result of fat removal, adding a lift or tuck procedure may be necessary.

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