February 25, 2024

Managers can align staffing precisely with demand, reducing excess costs. Some software also allows employees to pick up or swap shifts, cutting back on overtime from last-minute shift fills. Lower labor costs and reduced time spent scheduling translate into major cost savings. Scheduling software provides analytics on key metrics like labor costs, overtime usage, and productivity. You get data to help optimize your scheduling and staffing levels based on demand. Software can also track schedule adherence and notify you of any exceptions.

Employee Scheduling Software how

It allows managers to create schedules, assign shifts, and make changes in real-time, while also providing employees with visibility into their schedules and the ability to request time off. Employees should be able to access your scheduling software at any time of day or night. Having an accessible system that ensures easy access to employee availability is critical for preventing open shifts and no-shows.

How to Make Field Service Employee Schedules the Easy Way (Using a Data-Driven Process)

And the platform helps managers identify potential “clopening” scenarios (where the same employee closes on Monday and opens on Tuesday, not getting enough rest time between shifts). Snap Schedule 365 is power-packed employee scheduling software geared for enterprise-level businesses with large workforces.

What are the benefits of using scheduling software?

It facilitates shift swaps and exchanges when employee availability changes. Robust engagement modules help restaurants retain staff, stay compliant and trim labor costs. It fosters social networking by allowing employees to post messages about upcoming social events and sending reminders for pending assignments. The best employee scheduling tools will have dedicated iOS and Android apps that provide full access to the web platform features. You should be able to view schedules, receive notifications, message employees, approve time-off requests, and more, all from your mobile device. Using software with robust time tracking features will give you the data and insights you need to optimize your staff, reduce costs and ensure your employees are paid accurately for the work they do. When evaluating systems, check that they meet your key needs around time punching, overtime alerts, job coding and timesheet approvals.

The Shiftbase app allows employees to see their schedules on their phones. Employees can view their shifts anytime, anywhere, with the employee scheduling feature. Additionally, they  can easily request time-off and change shifts through their phones.

Schedulers burn needless hours leveraging makeshift processes to fill open shifts with cost-effective employees while also ensuring compliance to internal policies, union rules, and industry regulations. This approach allows the data to be accessed using an internet connection from any location. Online employee scheduling apps typically involve a subscription for access to the software. The free version offers simple scheduling and communication for a single team or location with up to 75 users. The top features include team shift scheduling, team availability, team messaging, shift trading, and time-off requests. You can find different types of employee scheduling software on the market. Read more about Employee Scheduling Software here. Most employee scheduling software is cloud-based; some offer an on-premise solution and others are a combination of both.

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