February 26, 2024

The MetroBus is a reliable and convenient mode of public transportation in Miami, offering a network of routes that cover various areas of the city, including Miami Beach. Additionally, rideshare services offer the flexibility to choose between different vehicle types and accommodate various group sizes. The key to finding relaxing vacation accommodations is to pick a place that matches your needs.

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Havana Cabana offers a wide range of rooms that are suitable for different needs. Vazquez suggests Ojai Valley Inn for the wellness-inclined couple. “There’s golf, numerous pools and restaurants, an iconic spa, an apothecary, a farmhouse and apiary, shops, and more,” she says. Choose from a variety of accommodation types including luxury suites and penthouses with panoramic views.

Infrastructure and service upkeep

There are some fast food and chain restaurants on the beach, but nothing too special. If you’re coming for a day trip, I recommend preparing something in advance and bringing it with you. When budgeting for Tulum, expect to set aside at least $200 per night for accommodation, although the average price per night is closer to $400. Dining out at fancy restaurants can set you back about $100 per person, and don’t forget to factor in a 15% service fee at most eateries. It’s also famous for being one of the best snorkeling spots in the area—nothing crazy, though. You pretty much have to be staying at one of the beachside hotels to enjoy this gorgeous beach here.

Things I love in Tulum Beach

If a hotel promises to pay, say, 5% of base rates to travel agents, then it would owe $5 on a $100 nightly room. If the room is $50 plus a $50 resort fee, the hotel gets the same amount of money, but it would have to give only $2.50 to the agent. Hotel resort fees typically cover a range of amenities and services (specifics vary from one hotel to another) that guests can access during their stay. Sharing a property with the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, the Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya All-Inclusive Resort has 735 rooms and suites and 13 different eateries. Guests at either resort can access both hotels’ amenities and restaurants, providing seemingly endless food and entertainment options.

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The Beach Tulum (that’s the name of the hotel) offers one of the best adult-only experiences in all of Tulum. The rooms are spacious, and many of them feature private pools and even rooftop sunbathing areas. On top of that, there are many things to do at the resort, including free daily yoga lessons.

Read more about Best beach hotels in the world here. Less money could then be spent on tours, restaurants, and other activities.” Renting a car will be an additional expense, but it may offer the option to explore a variety of free parks and beaches. Trying award-winning restaurants or planning days full of wine tasting will be more expensive. For example, the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa offers a selection of day passes through ResortPass.com.

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