February 25, 2024

If you have a staff as part of your business, there is always a potential they may know how to find suppliers. This way there is no preferential treatment due to the internal relationships between you and your employees. If you are familiar with a chamber of commerce, this is a similar association to those. These are then collected for interested individuals and Chinese manufacturing companies. The Internet is also making fundamental changes to the development and cooperation model of traditional manufacturers. This is the most underestimated task and this is precisely the reason why is a challenge and it’s also related to logistic. You need to know which clearance and documents you need to have for transport and freight but also need to have a scope on how long you’ll be ready with it.

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Pay as little as possible until your product has arrived and been quality checked. One of the best things you can do to reduce your China product buying risks is to delay all or almost all payment until after you have confirmed delivery of conforming product. But few Chinese manufacturers will agree to this, and even fewer Chinese manufactures that intend to scam you will do so. Check the history of the Chinese manufacturer with which you might do business. If a company does not have a history you can verify, you should seriously consider walking away. Make sure the Chinese government has authorized your Chinese manufacturer (per its business scope) to do the type of business it is proposing to do with you. Companies in China must specify their intended business scope in their articles of association, and this scope is subject to approval by the government registration authorities and if a Chinese company exceeds its scope, it is operating illegally.

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If you are looking for a city with broad diversification in terms of product sourcing, try Guangzhou. The production strength of this city ranges from tooth products to mechanic manufacturing. Like I call China the largest manufacturer hub, these cities are the most significant manufacturing kingpins in China. As a result, they have the busiest ports, but it makes logistics easier anyway. If you are right there checking the map and hesitating on which Chinese city to go for your product sourcing, you should consider reading further as I present the best Chinese manufacturing cities to you.

China Manufacturer – How to Find Reliable Manufacturers

For instance, you can’t afford to buy your products from a place where your products are merely a side hustle. Read more about China Import/Export Consultants here. For example, you don’t want to purchase electronics from a Yiwu supplier when you can try Shenzhen. If they specialize, then you just find yourself a Chinese manufacturer.

Expressing that you would be interested in working exclusively with the supplier is also beneficial. This post is a really solid overview for helping you to understand what you should be thinking about and how to approach the process of building your new product. The sooner you can start creating a brand that tells the why of the story, and gets the potential customer involved and interested, the better. I think back to when Pat Flynn and Caleb Wojcik did this expertly with the launch of the SwitchPod. They’d already created the product, and they used Kickstarter as a way to generate pre-sales, buzz, and to launch the brand.

Shipping administrative fees are factored into the cost of each container and those costs are fixed per consignee. Make a list of such needs and take note of the manufacturers that meet them. It is a very common perception that products manufactured in China are low quality and cheap.

Alibaba assists buyers and exporters in finding and sourcing manufactured goods produced by Chinese firms. I used “injection-mold plastics” and quickly found many pages of manufacturers for molds, plastic components and assembled products. A client recently had me source a new Chinese supply chain for injection-molded plastics. In this series I’ll explain how we were able to go from having no contacts in China to successfully receiving quotes from several injection-mold manufacturers.

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