February 26, 2024

By taking this extra space, brands use in-store marketing to display their initiatives to address shopper segments with specific lifestyle choices. For example, Starbucks is highlighting its recycling program and the fact that its coffee capsules are made from 80% recycled aluminum.

If you simply must do some online shopping while you’re out and about, invest in a virtual private network (VPN), which is typically more secure than public Wi-Fi. But again, we highly recommend that you wait until you get home to make a purchase. To learn more about what today’s consumers are looking for in a shopping experience, download our 2022 CPG + Grocery TrendWatch report.

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Successful marketing campaigns contain many, if not all, of these strategies at the same time. Online shopping became a necessity during the pandemic, and as such the general comfort level with it appears to have increased, for both consumers and retailers. Despite the convenience of online shopping, a majority of our respondents indicated they prefer the overall experience of shopping in-store (51%). Understanding online shopping experiences requires more than a stand-alone approach. Customer journeys are more complex thanks to a wider array of opportunities. There are benefits to both online and offline shopping, such as browsing product selections online while examining products in-store.

And research shows that retail therapy can restore a sense of control and provide a boost of happiness, so consider this an excuse to treat yourself to a special delivery (within budget, of course!). In-store shopping gives consumers the opportunity to discover new products, finding what they need — and even making impulse purchases! They also find it easier to use coupons and access discounts in the store than online. Some online shoppers  still have concerns around trust and delivery, while others require a better online experience. Funneling consumers and keeping their attention have become huge challenges in the virtual space. How can marketers keep their online shoppers engaged and even make them return? Read on for some forward-looking guidelines to enhance wired consumer experiences.

You don’t want to overwhelm people with too many options from the get-go. Instead, you can organize your navigation to prioritize the actions you want visitors to take—with a focus on shopping, of course. You can improve the discoverability of your products through search engines like Google by using best SEO practices to write a page title, page description, and URL to represent your product page. Are you tired of driving to the mall and fighting the crowds just to get the things you want and need?

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