February 26, 2024

Doing this means you’ll be less likely to experience a dizzy spell or experience drastic changes to your blood pressure. Sauna whisks, also known as sauna whips, are used to whip your skin during a sauna session. This is done to promote better circulation and clear your skin further. Sauna whisks are typically made from birch or eucalyptus branches and can be purchased at speciality sauna supply stores or online. Note that some public saunas may not allow the use of sauna whisks, so be sure to check before bringing one in.

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If you enjoyed this post and are curious about home saunas, check out our different outdoor and indoor saunas and follow us on Instagram for more sauna information. If you’ve done exercise before the sauna, having a sports drink is probably a good idea. You want to have the electrolytes up and be well hydrated. Another helpful tip is to always have enough drinking water available. There is no such thing as the “better” sauna, but instead, it’s all about finding the “best” sauna for you. All-glass doors have become the standard, given their stylish and durable characteristics—and functionality.

When Infrared Sauna Therapy Is NOT Recommended

This is especially true if you normally don’t sweat much in general. But whatever you choose, just make sure that it isn’t too tight. Since you will be feeling heat, it’s better to wear something that feels loose and comfortable on the skin. After your sauna session, you should feel refreshed, not fatigued.

Duration of Each Session

You can use this water on the sauna heater to create steam with a lovely woody aroma. Make sure you strain any leaves out else they may making a slight burning odor. A good bundle of venik should last about half a dozen sessions. If the leaves are mostly gone, then it’s time for a new one. What separates the sauna from many other steam baths (such as the tiled steam rooms often found in spas) is the type of heat. Steam rooms feature a moist heat, and tend to operate at temperatures of around 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

Taking the Heat

Then, in 1979 Health Mate introduced the infrared sauna to the U.S. market. Read more about Sauna ceiling charring here. Using an infrared sauna can reap an incredible amount of rewards. But before you hop in, it’s important to know infrared sauna time limits, usage guidelines, and other tips for your sauna session.

Electrolyies are composed of glucose, sodium and potassium. For beginners, start with short sessions of 5-10 minutes to acclimate to the heat.

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