February 29, 2024

The shape of beds and borders will also be led by the style of garden you’re looking to create. Add the latter to the plan first, then mark on both the desired hardscape (like paths, paving and deck ideas) and softscape (like lawns, beds and borders).

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Good drainage is also key, as most plants do not like to sit in moisture. “If the saucer is sopping wet, then it’s getting a little too much water,” says Thompson. Finally, clean your saucers weekly with a diluted bleach solution to stave off bugs and bacteria. Regardless of light levels, all healthy plants require proper space, air, and drainage. “Each plant needs space in the pot so the root system can grow, as well as space around their leaves to allow air in,” says Thompson.

When Is the Best Time to Add Lime?

Many newer varieties such as Oso Easy Roses are bred for disease-resistance, vigor, and long bloom time. Some older types, particularly hybrid teas, can be higher maintenance and more disease-prone. As the seedlings grow, use a mister or a small watering can to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

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If the soil was cold and excessively wet, the seeds may have rotted. If it is swollen and soft, the seed has rotted and you will need to start over. If the soil was too dry, the seeds may not have germinated or may have dried up before their roots could take hold. The goal of starting seeds indoors is to have your seedlings ready to go outdoors when the weather is favorable. Start by looking at the seed packet, which should tell you when to start seeds inside. Usually, it will say something like, “Plant inside six to eight weeks before last frost.” Start with a bed that’s no larger than 100 square feet (so, 10 x 10 feet).

But as one TikToker points out, you can’t just throw them into the garden bed willy-nilly or you’ll run into problems later on. Ellen McGauley is the executive editor of VERANDA, where she develops and writes about design, decorative arts, travel, and the garden—anything that shines a light on the soul of a home.

Creating a Butterfly Garden with Heather Andrews

That means you still can start a vegetable garden if you only have a small deck, patio, or balcony. It’s not often that we eat plant leaves, but in the case of greens, they provide a wide range of flavor and a nutrient punch.

Plants grow tall and leggy when they do not receive enough light. Use grow lights to ensure that they receive 15 hours of bright light each day. Try lowering the room temperature and reducing the amount of fertilizer you apply.

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For instance, if you’re starting a house extension project, this can be the perfect time to think about your garden design. This is especially the case if you’re going to be removing side access to the rear garden. The last thing you want to do is build a sleek new extension and then have to cart machinery and landscaping materials through your house to complete the garden at a later date. Plan for the work to be completed at the same time, to minimize the inevitable upheaval. Of course there are plenty of climbing roses to choose from, but wisteria is also a lovely choice for its striking purple blooms.

If the soil test indicates an acidic pH and reveals low magnesium levels, add dolomitic lime. If magnesium levels are in the acceptable range, add garden lime. Lime recommendations are often given in number of pounds of lime per 1,000 square feet, so you may want to do some measuring of the area you want to cover before you go shopping for lime. There are different types of lime, and not all are meant for landscaping purposes. Lime intended for garden use is labeled as “garden lime” or “dolomitic lime.” Made from ground-up rock, limestone, or dolomite, lime is high in calcium. Dolomitic lime differs from garden lime in that it contains magnesium, in addition to calcium. Check the seed packet to determine if all the requirements for temperature and light were met.

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