April 16, 2024

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Less critical situations, such as a car in a parking lot with a flat tire, can be handled on a scheduled basis, allowing for better resource allocation. Situations involving accidents or stranded vehicles in unsafe places such as busy highways demand immediate attention. Truck advertisements boast about how much a pickup can tow, with demonstrations of stunning feats such as hauling a space shuttle down a city street. But the reality is, the typical pickup at the dealership has much more humble abilities.

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When using a trailer to tow a vehicle, it’s highly recommended to use wheel chocks to prevent or lower the risk of a vehicle coming loose and rolling off the bed. Wheel chocks are specifically designed to keep your vehicle stable during transit, and they can be lifesavers if a chain or strap comes loose during towing. In conclusion, towing and hauling performance is an important consideration for truck owners. Your trailer brakes and brake controller should also be inspected regularly.

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Another option that is typically only used when towing a vehicle with another car is the use of a tow bar. Their unique A-frame design allows for easy mounting on a vehicle, as it attaches to the rear-mounted hitch. Safety chains, recovery straps, and/or ratchet tie-down straps are required tools alongside it.

Remember, trailers tend to track toward the inside of a turn, so swing wider than if you were turning without a trailer. If your trailer is wide, you might want to install extended side mirrors for better visibility. However, some newer trucks offer blind-spot monitoring that can cover the length of a trailer.

If you know what a trailer hitch ball is or how to calculate the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating, then you’re on the right track. Most importantly, any tow vehicles that are towing a trailer are required by law to have a wiring harness.

Again, its primary function is the same as any other tow truck; it just works a different way. A flatbed tow truck uses a mechanical system to angle its bed like a ramp, and the car needing a tow is then maneuvered onto the bed.

As your business grows, you’ll receive more requests for your services. To keep pace with demand, you can hire more employees and purchase more tow trucks. All calls will be fielded by the dispatch office and those representatives will coordinate with tow truck drivers to execute the job. Training your call representatives in customer service will improve relations with your customers.

Another critical towing accessories that can improve your towing experience, is a weight distribution hitch. This particular hitch can evenly distribute the weight between your trailer and the tow truck’s axles. By investing in a Weight Distribution Hitch, you can rest assured knowing that your trailer won’t sway on the road or lose any of your materials. The Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) is just as the name suggests. It represents the maximum weight that a tow vehicle’s axles can support. This number will differ between the front and rear axles of a vehicle since very few cars have a perfect weight balance between their axles.

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