February 26, 2024

CTP’s work is constant in its effort to keep these products out of the hands of kids. Tobacco companies have a history of using attractive flavors and packaging to target teens. But there are tons of not-so-pretty risks when it comes to vaping. Knowing the facts can help students keep sight of their values and priorities.

FDA actively monitors the market to investigate products that may be on the market illegally. As part of these investigations, FDA has sent letters to about 90 companies seeking information on over 110 brands, including ENDS products, to determine if those products are being illegally marketed. To date, FDA has issued warning letters to six companies notifying them of the need to remove a combined 71 products from the market. Since then, FDA has issued several guidances to inform stakeholders in these areas, including how certain requirements may apply to vape shops and how to comply with the prohibition on free samples of tobacco products.

In the Four Corners District 84.9% of students who had prosocial peers also chose not to use vape products in 2019 (Bach-Harrison, 2020). Youth are continuously developing skills and assessing what they believe is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

This is Quitting, the first-of-its kind e-cigarette quit program from Truth Initiative, is tailored by age group to give teens and young adults appropriate recommendations about quitting. Parents need to be aware of the dangers of e-cigarette use and know how to recognize vaping products, specifically JUUL, which is easily disguised as a USB flash drive. If you’re considering NRT, it’s wise to talk with a healthcare professional to find the right dosage. Read more about packwoods vape here. They can also help you manage physical symptoms, provide tips for success, and connect you to quitting resources. Tobacco companies are targeting young people with ads, price discounts and enticing new products such as e-cigs designed to look like sleek gadgets.

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Cigalikes were the most common type of product first used, reflecting their greater availability in general shops. There was also evidence that those who started vaping thought that, despite safety concerns, e-cigarettes were less harmful than tobacco smoking; in other words, they understood and made decisions based on the concept of relative harm. However, some participants were confused about the safety of e-cigarettes. There was a clear desire for information about e-cigarettes, including research evidence on what is known about their harmfulness compared to smoking [24]. How to communicate the relative harmfulness information about e-cigarettes and smoking to smokers for harm reduction, and the best sources of information (e.g., health warnings, media campaigns), warrants further research. For years, e-cigarettes have successfully been pitched as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, kids and teens have also picked up on this messaging and often underestimate the risks of vaping.

It can be tough to open up and involve other people in your quitting journey, but talking openly and honestly with those who care about you and want you to succeed can make a huge difference. Not only can others help keep you accountable and motivated, they can support you through tough days, cravings, and slip ups. In addition, a proposed rule on PMTAs is undergoing OMB review. These types of documents will ultimately help us conduct the product application reviews in a more efficient and transparent manner. To receive marketing authorization of any new tobacco product, manufacturers must follow one of three pathways.

This can make the inhalation feel a little strange at first, give yourself time to adjust to this and it will soon feel more natural. The use of an e-cigarette is often referred to as “vaping.” An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, has a liquid substance to heat, a place to hold the liquid, and a battery. Some e-cigarettes look like pipes, cigars, or regular cigarettes, while others may look like USB sticks and pens.

How to Quit Smoking

However, vaping early on may increase the chances of smoking ordinary cigarettes later in life. People who switch from traditional cigarettes to e-products may put off getting medical help or trying proven tools that can help with quitting.

Does Vaping Lead to Smoking?

From a public health perspective, Ong suggested it is better to be cautious in rolling vaping products out and regulating their use rather than dialing back on them once consumers have all the data. While the cardiovascular risks of cigarettes are well-documented, researchers are continuing to study the risks of vaping devices. Ask your child what they know about vaping and whether it’s happening at school.

They argue that manufacturers may not disclose all of the chemical ingredients used in their products. This means it may be impossible for users to know exactly what they’re consuming. There is also not much known about the short- or long-term health effects of exposure to nicotine vapor. The first step to quitting vaping is knowing why you vape in the first place. In fact, knowing your triggers such as certain people, places, or feelings, can help you recognize what or who to avoid in the early stages of trying to quit. In fact, identifying the role vaping plays in your life gives you some insight into areas you might need to address.

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