April 15, 2024

The picture on the best reveals a pure, but incorrect, posture — the wrist is turned to the right, so the hand is not in line with the forearm. The group rating factors for having their boule(s) the closest to the cochonnet. The cochonnet is due to this fact what you have to purpose at when throwing your boule.

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Now it’s time to select the throw that you just need to execute. The image on the left reveals what your wrist ought to seem like. It is straight, so that the hand is consistent with the forearm.

✋ The height of the throw

Note that when referring to a player (of unspecified gender), I use “he” and “his” as abbreviations for “he or she” and “his or her”. Throwing shoulder is type of completed rising on the finish of the U-shaped dip. It used to be that the price for being a Fanny was to kiss the butt of a fake “Fanny”, similar to that in a portray or a sculpture. (This is France, there are https://jeudebouleswinkel.nl/ many paintings and sculptures around!) Nowadays although, a “Fanny” staff has to pay for a spherical of drinks. The ground must measure a minimum of three x 12m lengthy (10 x 40ft), however the perfect terrain for a competition is round 4 x 15m (13 x 49ft).

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Now (in field 3, beneath right) A1 and B1 are again within the scenario shown in box 1. To stop this from occurring, flick your wrist somewhat when you launch to get some backspin on the boule so it stops pretty near where it lands.


When you swing your arm up, be certain to hold your arm and elbow straight. You ought to see that you’re swinging exactly within the direction the place you need the boule to go.

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